Friday, June 27, 2014

Home Tour Before & After :: Kitchen and Dining Room

So, since it's not been over a year since we moved out of this house, I figured it was time to finish up the before and after posts. 

Here are the before pictures...

One of the first things we did after ripping up the carpet was remove these columns. They were not load bearing and in our opinion, not necessary. 

We really didn't do a lot in the kitchen. The counters, cabinets, and some appliances stayed the same. We replaced the floors, microwave, and refrigerator. 

Here's the little breakfast area...if you remember from the other posts. These were taken with the previous owner's stuff.

Here's the dining room....with lovely patio furniture.

There was this weird metal door things over this built in cabinet. We took that off and replaced the hardware on the bottom.

We removed that swing door. And after we tore up the carpet and kitchen floors that they was once hardwood floors!!!!! We were so sad that they were no longer there. The door was still attached to a piece of original hardwoods.

And now the afters. 

If we had stayed longer, more kitchen updates were on our list. 

Here's the dining room. We updated the space but never put a lot of money/time into actually furnishing it. Again, that was down on our list of updates had we been there longer.

Here you can see what we did with the cabinet. I painted the inside a darker grey and added some knobs from Anthropologie on the bottom.

We replaced the light fixture with one we had had for years from IKEA. We bought it when we lived in our apartment in Waco and just moved it from the apartment, to the duplex, to this house. 

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  1. So beautiful! Love your dining room table! Also, such a good idea to use a restaurant type high chair!


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