Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swim Lessons!

Last month Hudson had swim lessons for 2 weeks. He was in a class with 9 other kids and the teacher was EXCELLENT. She is actually nicknamed "The Swim Nazi." And she was hardcore, but so effective with Hudson.

These pictures were taken on the first day. The parents were all outside while the kids were having their lesson, but quickly they all started melting down. By the end of the class they were all CRYING LIKE CRAZY. The teacher told us that for the rest of the lessons to leave/hide out inside. And from then on the kids all did so great!

I was able to get these pictures from inside the house. 

For most of the lessons I had to bring Emma with us. But his last 2 lessons were on a Friday and Saturday so Emma stayed home with John so it was just me and my boy.

Hudson LOVED Ms. Lynn. He still talks about her to this day. When he wants to swim without his puddle jumper he says, "I want to swim like Ms. Lynn." And he is doing SO GREAT. He can swim so far on his own. Ms. Lynn is doing a couple bonus classes for us this weekend and what I'm going to ask her to work on with Hudson is learning how to take breaths and then keep swimming. 

I'm so proud of my little fish!

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