Wednesday, June 25, 2014

our sick little guy

Hudson has had a lingering cough for over a month. We took him to the urgent care clinic on Memorial Day which was a complete waste of time and money. They told us it was allergies. I've taken him 2 more times to his pediatrician and have been told again that it's just allergies. Boo. So today we took our chances again and went back to the doctor. Up until this point it hasn't really bothered him. But the last few nights he hasn't slept well at all. 

The doctor actually heard wheezing this time. His lungs have been clear so they haven't done any breathing treatments. Hudson did great. 

Since he's sort of obsessed with pirates lately he described wearing this to an eye patch. Whatever works, buddy! Emma had a nervous look the entire time we were at the doctor. She is NOT a fan of the doctor.

We left with a prescription for 4 things. Hudson has an ear infection (who knew???) so he got an antibiotic for that, plus an inhaler, an anti-inflammatory, and singulair. Giving him 4 meds a day has made me so thankful for healthy kids. 

After the doctor we met up with some friends at a park. Again, up until this point he has acted fine during the day so we played for about 20 minutes until he started begging to go home and take a nap. Poor guy!

So I'm hoping that these meds will kick in quickly and he will be on the mend soon! 

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