Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hudson is 3 and Mommy is 31!

I love sharing my birthday with my little guy! He was so excited about his birthday this year which made all the celebrating so much more fun!

We got him this roller coaster for his birthday (along with a pirate puzzle and Chutes and Ladders) so we set it up in the living room/dining room Christmas morning style for when he woke up on his birthday. He LOVED it and we left it in the house for a couple days before moving it outside. 

For our birthday lunch we all went to Chuy's. Hudson loves chips and salsa and mama loves Mexican food. 

I had some amazingly delicious enchiladas. I could only eat about half my plate. Totally worth the calories. 

My best birthday present ever.

Later that day we opened presents. He got lots of fun stuff.

(ignore my pj pants in this picture...I was getting ready for date night!)

John got a sitter for that night and we went out to celebrate my birthday with Eric and Brittany at Bottega Cafe. So delicious!

At first I felt a little guilty leaving Hudson on his birthday, but we spent the whole day with him and he had his birthday party coming up that weekend. Mama needs to still celebrate too!

Love my handsome hubby!

So thankful for these friends!

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