Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 25

Day 168: A fun girls night out with sweet friends!

Day 169: A fun morning at the pool followed by a long nap made this girl HANGRY! She was going to town on this peach.

Day 170: This kid's naps keep getting shorter and shorter :(. Today he slept for a little over an hour. So making funny faces and wearing only the most fabulous designer sunglasses is on our agenda while little sister naps. #littlermermaidsunglassesforthewin

Day 171: I'm pretty sure we joined a cult today. #biggreenegg

Day 172: We had a fun morning at the pool! Emma loves jumping off the side over and over and over and Hudson is getting so good at swimming on his own. After a neighborhood cookout tonight, I'd say they're worn out and we're hoping for good sleep tonight. 

Day 173: My sweet little sous chef. Also, she totally picked out her post nap outfit. And there was no changing her mind.

Day 174: Family date at La Bamba tonight and Emma was in the best mood. Love this girl.

Day 175: Popsicles!

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