Monday, June 30, 2014

weekend recap!

We had a super relaxing, wonderful weekend! 

Friday we stayed in our jammies almost all day. Around 5 we got dressed and went out to the backyard to burn some energy. John had to go up to the office for a few minutes and when he came home got to surprise the kids. hehe!

Friday night we watched lots of Chicago Fire episodes (we are totally hooked and just started season 2) and John did some work for the Chapel Choir trip that we have in a couple weeks.

Saturday we headed to the pool. I love these boys!

Emma loved my asian pasta salad much more than her peanut butter and honey sandwich! 

After naps we headed up to a different pool for an evening swim. This pool was simple and so relaxing for John and I. We sat in chairs and just watched the kids play. The deepest part was only 9 inches!

We went to church Sunday morning and it was just a normal day. My mom got the kids these rain coats and wellies several months ago but they hadn't worn the coats yet. Hudson saw it hanging in his closet and insisted on wearing his "super hero jacket." Emma wants to do EVERYTHING Hudson does so she had to have hers on also. 

And because Hudson yells out "SUPER HERO" while he's wearing it, Emma thinks hers is a super hero jacket also. ha!

Let's talk about the cuteness of these coats!! 

Happy Monday, friends!

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