Friday, June 20, 2014

Emma :: 20 months old

Emma James,

You are 20 months old! You will be 2 in just 4 short months. I know from experience how quickly these 4 months will go. I say this every month, but this is such a fun age with you. You are so full of life and personality and DRAMA but I love it. 

You love being outside and going on adventures. You do not like to be left out. If John and Hudson go somewhere, you are DEVASTATED that you didn't get to go. You are still so attached to your paci (which you call papi) and your lovie. We are going to start working to take the paci away around 22 months. Hopefully we will be done with it by 2. You love Mickey and Minnie Mouse so much. Your favorite food right now has to be "yummies" (gummies = fruit snacks) and "suckas" and popsicles which you say that word perfectly. haha! Basically, you love all things sweet. You also love breakfast sausage and bacon.

You are working on 6 (yes 6) new teeth! Some have just broken the surface and the others are right there. I can feel them all. After these 6 come in, you will be done until your 2 year molars. Phew! Teething with you has not been easy at all. I'll be so glad when this is behind us.

You are talking so much! You are talking in 2 or 3 word sentences and will repeat anything we say. This is so different than with Hudson. You also know what you want and will throw HUGE epic tantrums. I'm pretty sure you got that from me. Opps!

You had another ear infection this month. It's been several months since your last one so I'm thankful that you've been so healthy. You got a double ear infection, horrible diaper rash, and teething 6 teeth all at the same time. You were pretty miserable earlier this week but that's behind us now. Thank goodness!

You also seem to have had a growth spurt in the last week. Several people have commented that you look taller and your shorts and some dresses are much shorter. You LOVE swimming! You refused to wear your life vest or puddle jumper our first day at the pool but now you love the puddle jumper. You love to jump in from the sides and go under water. You also love to roll over and float on your back. You're a little fish! 

We love you so much sweet girl!! Happy 20 months!


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