Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Memorial Day weekend this year didn't go exactly as planned (more on that later) but we still had a wonderful weekend together as a family and with friends. Our church owns a camp ground about 45 minutes south of Birmingham so we went out there for the weekend. 

We did lots of swimming!

And watermelon eating...

and golf cart riding!

We hung out inside to take a break from the sun.

We went on family walks. 

It was so fun being away from the busyness of life and day to day activities.

However, on our first night out there our kids would not sleep. We have REALLY good sleepers. Both of our kids have super simple routines, go down for naps and bed time easily, sleep all night long. We're lucky. But. BUT. That night they could not sleep. We put Emma down first, in her pack n play which she sleeps in often. She FREAKED OUT. We took turns trying to get her to sleep. She would fall asleep while we were rocking her, but the second we tried to lay her down she was SCREAMING. Hours later, (and still trying to get Emma to sleep) we tried to put Hudson to bed. Most of the kids were going to bed at this point but Hudson would not. We would put him in bed and he would scream his head off. He kept saying, "I can't want to sleep right now!" We figured that he couldn't make the connection that you could sleep and play in the same place. He knew his friends were still in the house but he would not sleep. SO around 11:15 John and I packed up the sleeping essentials, left everything else, and drove home. The kids were sound asleep in the car and slept great once we got home. So our plans for the weekend slightly changed at that point. We put the kids down for super early naps (like at 10!!!) and then went back out there in the early afternoon. We stayed until about fish and then made our drive home so the kids could sleep. It wasn't ideal, but sleep is important enough to change plans around!

oh and the kids had their first cotton candy out there. :)

Love these 2. Such a fun weekend!

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