Monday, June 23, 2014

weekend recap!

We had a WONDERFUL summer weekend. Friday we went to the grill/outdoor store to purchase a Big Green Egg. John has had his eye on the egg for a few years now and since our old grill broke in our move last summer we've been waiting to replace it. 

The kids were loving this huge egg/sofa/daybed thing. 

After buying the egg we headed to the pool. Our kids are LOVING  the pool this summer and our neighborhood has a fabulous brand new pool and rec center. 

We all came home and the little ones took naps and I headed to the store to buy stuff to grill. :) John got the grill set up and that night we cooked our first meal...ribeyes, corn on the cob, and asparagus. SO GOOD.

We spent all evening in the backyard. It was a gorgeous night.

Emma James LOVES her some ribeye. She picked off every last piece of meat. A girl after my own heart.

Saturday morning we were back at the pool. Emma wanted the pool in smaller doses that day. We took several snack breaks while John and Hudson stayed in the water.

Then that evening we went to our neighborhood's cookout. Emma and Emily were so fascinated by the iPad on the dock. 

Hudson was up SO MUCH on Saturday night. We stayed home on Sunday because he just was not feeling good. His cough was bad.

Emma kept herself busy helping Oliver eat and drink.

And she picked out her post nap outfit. There was no changing this girl's mind.

Sunday night Hudson was not a fan of dinner. He tried to hide it under his hat. Silly boy.

I love summer weekends so so much. So thankful for my family.

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