Sunday, June 22, 2014

KidLife 2014: God's Forever Promises

We had such a great week at KidLife! KidLife is our church's VBS and it is amazing. This was Hudson's first year to really participate and not just be in the nursery. He LOVED it and every morning when we would walk in the building he would throw his hands in the air and yell, "We are at  KidLife!"

I taught 4 year olds but I loved getting to see Hudson during worship every day. He knew all the words to the songs and did the motions so well. It was the best.

The Bear Family taught our bible story and led music every day and Hudson was obsessed with them. Brother Bear (aka Super Bear) was his favorite. 

KidLife was over every day at noon, but we opted to eat lunch there also so when we got home it was straight down for naps. 

Emma had so much fun that week also. She was in the nursery with some of her little buddies and she had a great time also. She napped so well that week!

One of Hudson's favorite parts was telling people with stickers the bible verses he had learned to get stamps and stickers. 

My sweet girl in the nursery with her friend, Audrey.

Going for a ride in the buggy. :)

It was such a fun (and exhausting) week! I loved it but was also so thankful when Friday rolled around. :)

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