Friday, November 21, 2008


Baby, it's cold outside! And we love it!! The original plan for tonight was a date night..dinner and a movie. But when I got home from work we both agreed that a night in sounded much better! So instead, John and I got take-out from one of our favorite places...Baris. We got the chicken florentine and we shared a Baris salad. So good. We enjoyed our delicious Italian food while watching last night's episode of The Office on the couch with a toasty fire. It's a beautiful night.

Thanks to the lighter fluid we had a fabulous fire. It is keeping us nice and toasty! Next on our list, Grey's from last night. Such a wonderful night at home.
Oh, and our rolls started to get a little cold so why not toast them over the fire!? I love my creative husband!

Less than 1 week until Thanksgiving! I love this cold weather because it makes it feel like the holidays outside, and we can enjoy a warm fire in the fireplace. Yay for relaxing Friday nights at home by the fire snuggled up to my honey!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS I love your fireplace screen! Where did you get it?

    Oh, and the pup we're getting is a lab :)


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