Monday, November 17, 2008

real or faux

I know some of you have already started your Christmas decorating and others are starting to think about it. You already know I'll be decorating on November 28th. A few years ago, well our first married Christmas together, we got a faux tree (I don't like saying fake) and we have really liked is the perfect size for our apartment. I love real trees though, you can't get that fragrance from anything else. I do however burn the Yankee Candle "Mistletoe" so it can smell like Christmas also. The one thing, well few things, I don't like about real trees is that you have to water them, sweep them, and well, they die. Plus, I have allergies and you never know when those will act up. So, what are your thoughts..real or faux?


  1. I say FAUX. For a few reasons. 1) you already have it & you don't need to spend $$ on a real one (put that towards Christmas gifts!) 2) they are fun but they have quite a bit of upkeep required...faux is put it up & forget about it...

  2. I like FAUX! It's a better investment and a lot less high maintenance. And some people have allergies to them, so you'd hate to have a guest over that is allergic to your tree! How HORRIBLE! Happy Decorating!

  3. i'm a faux girl, too! but i love the smell of the real ones, just like you!


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