Friday, November 28, 2008

Decking the Halls

Day after Thanksgiving 023

The day after Turkey Day has been fabulous for us! This morning John left to go help a friend move and I got started getting all the decorations out of the storage closet. I waited until he got home though so we could decorate together because he loves it so much..ok, so that's not true. He tolerates it because I love it.

Day after Thanksgiving 016

Anyway, first we put up the tree and then I did most of the other decorating and he did some reading for school. We also watched a couple Christmas movies to help get us in the Christmas spirit..The Holiday and Elf.

Day after Thanksgiving 018

We found 2 ornaments we left on there from last year! 2 of these little silver instruments..opps!

Day after Thanksgiving 021

We "hide" the pickle every year too. Actually, when we decorate the Christmas tree at my parents' house they actually hide a pickle ornament and all the "kids" get to find it. Since it's just me and John there's not really a point.

Day after Thanksgiving 019

Only a couple minor injuries from today. I got this new fantastic garland from my favorite store in downtown McKinney. The only problem is it is super pokey! I got a good poke on my thumb from that. Then I took nice, slow-motion fall after tripping over a box on the floor..and scrapped my leg. John tried not to laugh but he couldn't keep it in.

Day after Thanksgiving 030

Oh, and I broke an ornament.

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