Monday, November 24, 2008

Rocket Testing

Around 10:30 Saturday night John and I were just going to bed. As we were falling asleep I heard a VERY LOUD rumbling sound that sounded like thunder/a loud old car. I immediately looked out the window and John said it was probably just a car. I thought there was no way it could be a car because it lasted for so long (almost 5 minutes) and was a constant rumble. I was staring out of our bedroom window at the sky the whole time thinking of all sorts of things that it could be. My mind was even playing tricks on me because I thought the sky was changing colors. I saw a couple neighbors come out of their house and I knew something weird was going on. Then it stopped and we heard a car. So we assumed it was a car (a very strange sounding car nonetheless.)
So last night we were watching the 10:00 news and saw that they were doing ROCKET TESTING in McGregor!!!!! I knew it was more than a car and was somewhat relieved that my mind wasn't playing tricks on my eyes...the sky really was changing colors!! For more information on the rocket testing go here.
I'm glad I'm not crazy! Happy Monday!

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  1. Your rocket testing story just made the Houston news! Definitely not crazy! : )


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