Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Beth

Today is Beth's birthday! Beth and I met our freshman year at Baylor when we were pledging our sorority. We were also "twins" in our family. Beth is one of my closest and truest friends from Baylor and I love that we talk as much as we did when she lived here. After she graduated she moved to Nashville but couldn't stay away from Baylor because she came back to do a master's degree in Spanish. She left me again last summer to move to North Carolina and is now working as a Spanish translator guru.
Beth, I hope you have a fabulous birthday! I wish I could be there with you to celebrate, but maybe sometime soon! Also, thanks for being my pen pal! ;)
PS: Beth, please don't hate me for posting these pics...I think they are the best!!

Ok,'s a precious one of her and her sweetie, Randy. Love you Beth!

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  1. Dearest Lindserbob - -

    Thank you for paying homage to me on this, the day of my birth. I may want to put myself out of my own misery after seeing the first picture. (Remind me to never make that face again)



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