Sunday, November 30, 2008

the last day of NaBloPoMo

Here are some fabulous pictures from last night. Like I said, we had a fantastic time with our sweet friends and always enjoy our time together.
Popcorn & Cranberries 001

Popcorn & Cranberries 006
I bought The Polar Express at Target and it came with a 3-D version and the theatrical version. We tried out the 3-D version and it was..not great! The glasses were fun, but we switched to the regular movie before the train ever pulled up to the house!

Popcorn & Cranberries 007

Popcorn & Cranberries 008

Popcorn & Cranberries 011

I got some plastic needles so that Ava could participate. She is the smartest almost 2 year-old I know.

Popcorn & Cranberries 012

Happy NaBloPoMo! See you all in a few days! :)


  1. hey lindsay! so good to see you :) it's been a long time! i've actually kept up with your blog a little through fabulous k! hope you and john are doing wonderfully, and i'll keep coming by to see what y'all are up to! happy blogging!

  2. Ok, I'm impressed...stringing cranberries and popcorn! I've always wanted to do that, but never have. How long will it last???

  3. just wanted to say the 3D polar express is better in the iMax. but either way, y'all look like y'all had fun. it's too bad nablopomo is over. love you.

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