Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday in a Nutshell

Here is our day in a nutshell

*John got up this morning and was out the door by 6:30am to pick up kiddos in Hamilton, bring them back to Baylor for an activity the music school was doing, take them to Peter Piper Pizza and back to Hamilton. He then drove back to Waco and was home around 5. (yes, that was a lot of driving, Waco to Hamilton, Hamilton to Waco, Waco to Hamilton, Hamilton to Waco)

*I took John's suit to the dry cleaners at 8:55am (in by 9 out by 3 on Saturdays).

*Went to HEB (my goal was to beat Thanksgiving traffic and I sure did. It was very slow and about 9:45 when I was leaving it started to pick up. Yes!

*Came home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! There is nothing better than a clean house.

*Went and picked up dry cleaning.

*Made dinner, tamale soup. It was very good and SUPER easy. John loved it.

Tonight John and I are going up to Truett to set up for tomorrow!

Thanksgiving is in 5 days!

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