Thursday, November 20, 2008


**WARNING: I may offend a lot of people when I say this, but I'm just trying to be honest here.

I don't get it. I do not see the attraction of Twilight. At first I only had the books to go off of. I had heard the premise of them so I sort of knew what they were about, sort of. The story line does not entice me at all. Not even a little bit. THEN, when I saw the preview for the much anticpated movie that comes out tomorrow evening, I was even more TURNED OFF by this story!!! I realize that Twilight was written as a tween series and it has become popular to older audiences almost the same way Harry Potter did. But I love Harry Potter and have zero desire to see/read about this story. Is there anyone else out there in blogland that agrees with me? Or if you are offended by me and love Twilight I want to hear your thoughts too. What's so great about this and do the previews of the movie (be honest here) really look good to you?


  1. My boss (who is like 60) has loaned me the books and I am on the 4th and final. The first one is kinda sappy but the others aren't bad. IT IS NO HARRY POTTER. I could read Harry over and over, but will not read these again. I am far from obsessed but they are really easy reads and not scary or anything.

    I don't even know if I'd see the movie though...I think it'd be hard to make a movie out of it.

  2. lindsay, i agree. all i can say is that i feel like twilight belongs on the CW on monday nights.. it feels like a show that would get cancelled. i couldn't agree with you more.

  3. ditto. love harry potter. do NOT understand all of the hype. i believe they call it "jumping on the bandwagon" ; )

  4. I never saw the preview to the movie, but the only reason I broke down and bought the book was because everyone kept talking about it. I don't believe in vampires or any of that nonsense, but I do love the suspensful love story between Bella and Edward. I don't know if I'll see the movie, or even read the rest of the books, and so I guess you could say curiousity killed the cat on this one.


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