Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal Days

Today is my first day off for Thanksgiving break and I don't have to be back at work until Tuesday, December 2nd! Thank you Baylor for personal days! Baylor gives their staff Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, but I'm taking Monday also! Why you ask? Well last week I got an email from HR that said that any personal hours over 24 will be lost after December 13th. I went in to see how much I have...35! They are "forcing" me to take 11 personal hours so of course I have to take some time off. I chose the Monday after Thanksgiving and the Friday of the same week which is the day after Christmas on 5th Street. (It will be so nice to sleep in after that crazy but fun night!) So I only worked Monday and Tuesday of this week and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week!! Yay personal days!!

Today my plans are to cook (mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes for tomorrow) and do some laundry. But before I do any of that I am going to watch the last episode online of Lipstick Jungle.

We're in the home stretch of NaBloPoMo! Only 4 more days!

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